UNHINGED – Interview with Solstice President and CEO Mark Gill

Tomorrow UNHINGED will be released in theaters across the country.  This marks the first feature film release since CoVid-19 impacted our country.  The film is #1 across many foreign markets including UK and Australia.  Solstice Studios President and CEO Mark Gill talked with Selig Film about the push to release theatrically, the timely nature of the film, and so much more!

Academy Award winner Russell Crowe stars in Unhinged, a timely psychological thriller that explores the fragile balance of a society pushed to the edge, taking something we’ve all experienced- road rage – to an unpredictable and terrifying conclusion.

The film is written by Carl Ellsworth (Red Dawn, Disturbia, Red Eye) who has a solid history in making films that push the adrenaline levels to intense heights.  Director Derrick Borte and DP Brendan Galvin have crafted a heart pounding pace that highlights the film’s road rage theme.  Crowe delivers a violent sociopathic performance that rubber stamps his presence throughout the film.  Add in Caren Pistorius and Gabriel Bateman as the mother and son duo that are in the evil eye of Crowe’s unpredictable pursuer.  The film is a real whirlwind of emotion as we come to realize the true deadly depths Crowe’s character is willing to go to.  The film echoes Michael Douglas’ rage filled showcase in Falling Down but seems to reach even more diabolical levels with Crowe’s character’s choices.  I don’t know if this is a film worthy of an Oscar but I do feel it is both timely and entertaining.  The levels of rage in our country seem to be on a similar explosion moment as we see in the movie.  UNHINGED is easily worth your time and should click with anyone that has felt the smallest inkling of road rage.

I had the chance to talk with the President and CEO of Solstice Studios Mark Gill.  We discussed the push from Solstice to release the film theatrically, the perils of societal rage, and also about the uncertain future of the film industry.

Interview with Solstice Studios President and CEO Mark Gill:


This month marks the return of films into numerous theaters across the country.  I was able to attend a press only screening for UNHINGED in a closed-off theater.  With only a handful of press members involved the experience was both eye-opening and reaffirming.  I felt safe and secure during the film.  The PR company, the theater and Solstice Studios went out of it’s way to adhere to numerous safety measures.  We press members were all spread throughout the theater both being social distanced but also masked and even given our own hand sanitizer to use.

The question that lingers is whether or not I would take the risk of attending a regular open screening for this or any film released in the near future?  That is where I am left undecided.  I loved being back in the theater and experiencing a medium I love dearly.  But I also only accepted the invitation, over a screener link, knowing the PR reps at Allied were those that I trust and respect.  I felt and feel that they took every available option and measure to secure our safety.  I was glad the theater, the UA Galaxy Theater Stadium 10, did all they could do to help as well.  In the last few months I’ve experienced films via Drive-In and now theatrically.  I have not ventured to any eatery theaters or IMAX sized auditoriums though.  Everyone is free to have there own thoughts on this subject of whether or not to go back to theaters.  I personally feel much more fearful of a non-press only screening and can’t honestly say I will attend any films outside of those parameters.

I will say I think theaters are doing their best to secure the facility.  I do have a fear that Studios are making this return based on financial reasons that may conflict with our safety.   BUT after talking with Mark Gill I did feel his true concern and respect to anyone scared to go back.  He didn’t come across as someone looking to maximize his already impressive financial success in the industry.  Rather Solstice Studios seemed to take real measures to make this return fully safe for the audiences.

I’m still apprehensive to know whether eatery theaters are more susceptible or not.  I had a lengthy chat with a close friend, who also attends hundreds of movies in a given year, and passed on seeing a film at an eatery this weekend because of my concerns and fears.  In our discussion, we debated the big difference in seating arrangements of eateries vs traditional theaters or even older smaller theaters not at the megaplex size level.  No one can predict how this will all come out.

All I can advise to you is that you take the initiative to find out your comfort level.  Call ahead and ask about all measures taken for safety.  Don’t allow political views to cloud your safety or others safety.  Adhere to the measures that are in place to keep us all safe.

UNHINGED comes out nationally on Friday, August 21st.


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