THE NEW ORLEANS BOOK FESTIVAL 2022 – Interview with Author and Chef Alon Shaya

The inaugural New Orleans Book Festival at Tulane University wrapped up yesterday.  Chef and author Alon Shaya talked with our Gadi Elkon about his family’s immigration to America, growing up in Philly, working in places like Italy and so much more.

Under the leadership and guidance of co-chairs Cheryl Landrieu, former New Orleans First Lady, and Walter Isaacson, the Leonard A. Lauder Professor of American History and Values in Tulane’s School of Liberal Arts and bestselling author, the festival held more than 60 panel sessions with a lineup of 130 authors.  The festival was held on the beautiful campus of Tulane University from March 10th-12th.  Chef and author Alon Shaya was apart of a panel that included fellow chef authors that took part in the festival’s, NEW ORLEANS COOKING SYMPOSIUM.  Alon was joined by chef authors Dooky Chase IV, Justin Devillier, Molly Kimball with Meg Bickford and Melissa Martin.  The panel was moderated by Poppy Tooker and during the session New Orleans weather decided to make its presence known.  The session was held in one of the outdoor tents on the Tulane campus and just as the panel discussion started a loud thunderstorm rained hail and heavy rain down.  At one shocking moment a gust of wind, with hail debris, blew open the tent’s entrance soaking a group of us spectators.  The panel group was unfettered though and the discussion and cooking symposium continued as the rain died down.  Easily one of the more unique and exciting elements that occurred at the festival!  Alon and Gadi were able to chat just prior to the panel session.

Interview with Chef and Author Alon Shaya:

For more information about the festival – NEW ORLEANS BOOK FESTIVAL.

For more information about Alon and his restaurants – POMEGRANATE HOSPITALITY.

*Photo below has Alon fourth from the left.


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